Sunday, March 7, 2021

Bio Takes Revenue Collection to the Bush

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“We should all support the president to block all leakages and you all are aware that the Government depends on tax to provide good health care, education, promote agriculture, undertake infrastructure projects and many other good programmes to make Sierra Leone better,” he said.

He highlighted the successes of the Bio administration has achieved so far with the tax payers money, such as Free Quality Education that commenced without any foreign support, national cleaning exercise, payment of salaries without bank overdraft among many other things.

He assured them of this government’s willingness to be transparent, stating that tax payer’s money will never be misused under the Bio administration and that the people’s money will be used for the progress of Sierra Leone.

Commissioner Bio encouraged stakeholders not to join anyone in defrauding the nation, pointing out that fraud in itself is self-destruction.

“Let’s be a patriot and stand up for what is right, because for every development project undertaken by the government is for the benefit of every Sierra Leonean.” Bio reaffirmed.

He further stated that tax is not a punishment for anyone but a means of developing the country without any donor support. He said foreign aid will be dictating how monies provided by them should be spent, but that monies raised by the government can be used to the satisfaction of its citizens.

Chairman of the Traders Union Jendema, Musa M. Koroma called on all to support NRA to maintain the recent upward trend in revenue generation, emphasising that custom duties are not about the tribe, but for the good of the country and benefit of its citizens.

He pledged to always support NRA in revenue collection and further make himself available whenever he is called upon to assist the process.

Custom Officer of Baidu, Kailahun Sheikh A. Kamara applauded Commissioner Bio for such an engagement, disclosing that he has never had such a unique opportunity to dialogue with senior management staff.

He however, confirmed that revenue generation is not much in that part of the country and he therefore called on the government to reconsider the reopening of the Koindu International market, adding that huge revenue can be generated from that market.

Stakeholders in all of the engagements committed to join NRA in their drive to improve the country’s economy through revenue generation.


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