At DJ Clef’s Murder Trial… LAC & Others Declined



The three accused persons told the well attended court session that, they now rely wholey and solely on their statements to the police respectively, contrary to their earlier pronouncements and assurances to the court hearing  earlier that, they intended to give evidence and invite witnesses to testify in the matter at the High Court.

This latest development in concord with the accused person’s decision to now rely on their statements to the police in the respect of the matter before the court was also in consonance with the final decision and stand points of Counsels for the accused persons to have faith in their Clients statements to the police.

At this stage, Justice Alusine Sesay noted that, since the prosecution has closed it case and the accused persons have declined to give evidence and bring forward witnesses, he said the court will adjourned for Counsels for the accused persons to address the court in the trial process.

He urged the jurors or called them Judges of Facts to be very patient and attentive during submissions of various addresses by Counsels for the accused Persons, stating that the trial process has reached a very sensitive and crucial stage and further called on the jurors to be punctual on every court sittings as the matter is almost on the verge of conclusion.

The 1st accused, Baimba Moi Foray was represented by lawyer I.P Mamie, while the 2nd and 3rd accused persons were represented by lawyer H.M Gevao and Musa Pious Hemor Sesay.

The matter was adjourned 10th August 2016.

The three accused persons are charged with the offence of Conspiracy and Murder contrary to law, and that police alleged that the three accused persons took part in the brutal murder of one of Sierra Leone’s finest and celebrated musical talent, David Sydney Buckle popularly known as DJ Clef.

According to police records the deceased, David Sydney Buckle  disappeared mysteriously after attending a birthday party of the 3rd accused, Avril Oredolah Renner in the residence of the 1st accused, Baimba Mio Foray who is a well known herbalist and magician residing at Aberdeen in the west part of the country’s capital Freetown.

After days of robust and relentless search conducted by family members, friends and love ones, D J Clef’s mortal remains was later found with both legs and hands tied with a yellow nylon rope and he was also wrapped in brownish dust cover material and deposited at the Macauley street cemetery In the same west part of Freetown.