As they walk out of parliament in protest against N’fah; APC MPs Vex



It can be recalled that members of the APC party are currently dissatisfied with the outcome of the Tonko Limba Bye Election, on allegations of discrepancies in the whole process and call for the immediate resignation or sacking of the Chief Electoral Commissioner Mohamed N’fah Ali.

Speaking in the Well of Parliament, Hon. Lahai Marrah of Constituency 042 said they as a party have no problem with the nominees and their qualifications but rather, they have issues with the way NEC conducted elections in the country, especially the Bye Election in Tonko Limba.

He said for this and more reasons, they as a party will not participate in the approval of any nominee for NEC.

The decision saw the APC MPs abruptly walking out of the Well singing the party’s victory song.

However, the APC walk out did not stop the normal business of the House from continuing as the Leader of government business stood on SO 44(1) stating that they as government of the day have had series of dialogues with the opposition and such a decision by the APC is inappropriate.

The House approved Seven High Court Judges, two members, Board of Directors for SLRA, the Managing Director of Guma Valley Water Company, two board members, National Public Procurement Authority, board member, Environment Protection Agency and the Electoral Commissioner for the Southern Region.

It is however worthy to also note that the National Grand Coalition (NGC) Party were also part of the bye elections in the Tonko and they also raised concerns about discrepancies and their Leader in Parliament, Hon. Kandeh Kolloh Yumkella reiterated their stance about their dissatisfaction over the elections.