As Africell and AYV set to make Music Stars; FBC Hosts This Week’s ‘Be A Star’



The thirty-nine contestant, which included two groups, are the most diverse bunch to ever appear on the Sierra Leonean airwaves. Bringing along their various background, culture and musical style to the show. This amalgamation became what kept audience glued to their television sets. The show began with thirty-four contestant but over a span of three weeks a total of fifteen contestants have been evicted, and the goal is to have audience vote for one contestant to stardom.

The prime shows have been the talk of the country; with audience from all over the country, and abroad, keeping up Be A Star. The show is streamed live on the AYV YouTube channel and also on the Africell Facebook page with a behind the scenes Instagram and Facebook stories feature bringing the social media audience into the mix. The comment section is always engaging and fluid with generally positively humorous exchanges.

The producers of the show have made it clear that they want to bring the show live to audience, so we are waiting to see what they have planned. The contestants have all indicated their growth from the knowledge they have got from their coaches in improving their craft.

The 4 teams are always set with the contestants ready to sing their hearts out!

The Rock. Conquer. Victorious. Dominion are always ready to go.

Three weeks in we are still glued to AYV television and Africell Facebook, because this is the top notch entertainment Sierra Leone has always wanted.  The last three prime shows have been at AYV TV studios, but this coming week will see the location set switch to the Adjai Crowther, Amphitheatre at FBC Campus.

 Make sure to VOTE for your favourite Contestant. To Vote: send their number by SMS to 5500 OR Dial *5500#.

The live Broadcast of the Prime Show is 8PM on #AYVSierraLeone, #AfriRadioSL 105.3FM, AYV Radio and all other major radio stations every Sunday.

Bask in the melodies of the talents of Sierra Leone.