Ambassador Navo Celebrates Christmas with Orphans and Vulnerable Children



While the Youth Ambassador has always associated with the less privileged in diverse ways, he made a commitment last year that he would be celebrating his Christmas holidays with children in need.

The kids were treated to good music, food, drinks, cookies and Christmas regalia. They also participated in a child-friendly competition to win the Ambassador Navo Christmas Prize through dancing and other fun activities.

Ambassador Navo displayed his dancing skills and moves by locking horns in a competition with the 8 years old kid who emerged as the winner of the dance showdown.

The kids at the St. George’s Foundation did not have cause to feel the loneliness associated with Christmas for most orphan kids, because of the fatherly decision by the AYV CEO to stand in the family gap on this big day. 

In his brief statement, Ambassador Navo expressed elation to be in the midst of over fifty needy kids at the home. 

He assured them that the Christmas party tradition will continue as he enjoys putting smiles on the faces of the kids.

“Christmas is such a special day worth celebrating with special people like kids without parents,” he noted, while calling on other well meaning Sierra Leoneans and philanthropists across the world to emulate such moves.

Project Officer of the Home, Aruna Mansaray was so elated to welcome the youth ambassador and team for the second year in a row.

He said they have embarked on this humanitarian venture for over fourteen (14) years now, while appreciating  Ambassador Navo for keeping the kids in his mind.      

He assured that they will continue to provide safe homes and rehabilitate kids from different parts of the country.

The Director of the Center, Madam Justina was so excited to welcome Ambassador Navo at the Home.

“We should all continue to support these kids to give them a better future,” she pointed out, while thanking Ambassador Navo for his decision to choose her Home.