Pray for Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray!! …a clarion call


Reports reaching this medium have it that the current health condition of

Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray, former presidential candidate for the Alliance Democratic Party (ADP) is very much worrying. Most worrying, there are lots of suspicions that someone somewhere and for some reasons may want him dead.

Reports say Kamarainba fell critically ill on Friday 9th September 2022, and was rushed to the 34 Military Hospital at Wilberforce in an abundance escorted by military and OSD personnel in a Toyota Hilux.

A source at the 34 Hospital told this medium that Kamarainba was in the afternoon of past Friday brought in with an ambulance in a very distressed medical condition.

The source observed Kamarainba’s inability to walk and except being assisted by two officers as he was been taken into the Emergency Ward of the hospital.

Few minutes later, he was again hurriedly taken out of the Ward and into the same ambulance which drove away.

“I was curious and surprised. I asked a senior medical person attached to 34 Military Hospital as to why Kamarainba was hurriedly taken back within the same hour he was brought in. The medical staff told me that someone wants Kamarainba dead”.

Reports have it that Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray’s illness is above 34 Military Hospital as the hospital cannot in anyway perform the required Prostrate Surgery he needed urgently to survive.

The source at 34 told this medium that he was not sure where Kamarainba was taken after they left with him at the 34 Military Hospital via abundance and a military and OSD escort in a Toyota Hilux.

Many people who witnessed the sad scene at the 34 hospital are of the conviction that someone somewhere may want Kamarainba dead and this is sad and pure evil on the life of a fellow Sierra Leonean.

Many people have sounded the alarm bell calling on people to start actively praying for the young man so that the country will not be greeted with the sad news of his obituary announcement anytime soon.