Iran to Resume Parliamentary Visits to Sierra Leone


By Elizabeth Davidson Campbell, Information Attaché in Tehran/Iran

Early this week, in the Parliament of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Chairperson, Iran-Sierra Leone Parliamentary friendship group AliRezaSalimi (MP) called on Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to Iran Allie Badara Kamara to extend invitation to Sierra Leone Members of Parliament to visit Iran.

Even though the two countries share strong bilateral relations, Mr. AliRezaSalimi said the legislative bodies in the two countries can achieve a lot by sharing ideas and good practices in Parliament.

He pointed out that the Iranian Parliament have rendered humanitarian assistance to Sierra Leone in the area of health, agriculture, technology amongst others. And now he said Iran wants to expand on Trade, agriculture, Medical facilities and much more for the benefit of the two countries. He said the parliamentary cooperation plays an important role in boosting IRAN and SIERRA LEONE in different areas.

Responding to the call by the Chairperson IRAN- SIERRA LEONE Parliamentary friendship group AliRezaSalimi (MP), Ambassador AlieBadara Kamara said he is looking forward to strengthening bilateral relations by exchange of visit by members of parliament of both countries.

Ambassador Kamara said the country is putting systems in place that will ensure good business environment for potential investors.

The parliamentary group of Sierra Leone- Iran friendship group was established on 8th Terms of the Islamic Consultative Assembly were members of the Iranian Parliament visited Sierra Leone and vice-versa.