Headmen Engaged on Effective Policies Implementation


The Minister of Western Region Mrs Nabeela F. Tunis has engaged thirty headmen within Western Area for effective implementation of government policies in their various localities. 

President Julius Maada Bio has a great passion for transforming this region which is the heart of the City, that was why I was appointed to bring you guys on board so that we can discuss, plan and find ways to future problems. Mrs Tunis further urged headmen to focus on Community sustainable projects that will benefit all ages. 

During this year’s Western Area Peninsula Public-Private Community Dialogue which was hosted at the Hub Hotel in Wilberforce, Plenty of headmen gazetted their action plans and how they intend to transform the Peninsula community which is more useful for Tourism, Fishing and Wildlife features in years to come. 

Fast forward, the Peninsula community is growing rapidly and government need to put measures in place so that it will be attractive to both local and international standard. 

“We as headmen within the western region need to collaborate with the government so that we can build the communities we want” Headman Jalloh of Number two (2) stated.  

In ensuring a prosperous and adaptable Place for all within the western region roadmaps were formulated for quick strategy implementation.