Kingtom Residents, Fishermen Seek Proper Hygiene


By Angella Zumenu and Julia Caulker, Interns from FBC Mass Com 

Residents of the Kingtom community in Freetown have complained of increased infections of diseases like Malaria, Cholera and Dysentery which they believe are caused by polluted water and improper disposal of waste. 

Managing waste has been an aged-long challenge especially in developing cities like Freetown. Many people have been found dumping waste into water bodies which causes great harm to wildlife and human health. 

Different measures have been taken by residents staying closer to the sea to limit the dumping of waste in the sea but have yet to address the issue. 

Reports say several awareness-raising campaigns have been held within the community to get residents to stop dumping waste in drainages but yet people prove to be stubborn. 

Fishermen that fish along the seaside of the Kingtom community have also been affected by the waste as this has caused a low catch in their fishing and is affecting their source of livelihood. 

Abu Turay, a Fisherman of the Kingtom community said before now he used to get huge catch and will sell it in the market for some good amount of money but ever since people of the community started disposing of waste in the sea it has been difficult for him and other fishermen to get a good catch.