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Thank you for the Triumphant Welcome of our President

26,Jul 2019
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By Fatmata Sawaneh, National Women's Leader, SLPP

Fellow PAOPANIANS, today and always, we have shown the world and our people of Sierra Leone that there is power in unity and the love of our people brought us to power.

We have shown the power of togetherness and the willingness to mobilize and deploy our resources at very short notice and, we have shown how we love our President and the SLPP.


For this, let me thank all of you for a show of solidarity today when we welcome our enviable President and his family home after their short vacation. We are proud as a party but I am more proud as a mother of the party to see you all celebrating generosity over tyranny, passion over heartlessness, love over hate and peace over violence. I am proud and will ever be proud of you all.

Thanks for answering my call to duty for another time.

Our President, Dr. Julius Maada Bio is well, strong and ever ready to lead the fight against corruption, indiscipline and poverty and victory is ours.

Long live Maada Bio,

Long live the SLPP and,

Long live the people of Sierra Leone.

@fatmatasawaneh#. National Women's leader, SLPP.

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