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As accused granted Le 800m bail… Internal Auditor collapses in dock

12,Feb 2016
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Desmond David Wright, Internal Auditor of Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority (EDSA) collapsed in dock while he was being cross-examined by defense counsel, C. F. Edwards on the on-going preliminary investigations on the recent fire incident at Electricity House.
The incident happened on 9th February 2016 at Freetown Magistrate Court No.1 where Desmond D Wright as Prosecution Witness (2) testified before Magistrate Binneh Kamara about his understanding on the said matter as he was led in evidence by police prosecutor ASP Samuel Kamara.

The witnessed collapsed while he was responding to questions posed by the defense counsel, Mr. Edwards whether he knew why the 320 meters were to be transferred to Black Hall Road but Desmond was unable to respond.
He had earlier on during his testimony told the court that his deputies (Santigie and Milton) were monitoring 320 meters to be transferred from Electricity House to Black Hall Road substation the day of the incident.
On that note Magistrate Binneh reiterated the defense’s question and cautioned him to respond with appropriate answers and in a jiffy like in the movies, Desmond Wright was seen moving slowly downward, sweating profusely, unable to breathe with his tongue dangling out.
The Magistrate asked “what is wrong with you and why are you shaking?”, but the witness was unable to talk and the police officers at the court room rushed to his side, took his coat off and help him to sit for about 5 to10 minutes before he recovered.
The court room which was full of spectators was in disarray and Magistrate Binneh ordered 5 minutes stand down to allow the witness to regain his condition. He later continued his testimony while seated and assisted by the police.
During his testimony he told the court that on 17th January 2016 he was at home when he received a call from his two deputies (Santigie and Milton) informing him that the 3rd floor of the electricity building was on fire.
He said on that same day his deputies were working on instructions to monitor 320 meters to be transferred to Black Hall Road sub-station in Freetown when the fire broke out.
“I rushed at the scene but there was police and fire force barricade and I could not get further or so I cannot tell the cause of the fire,” he stated.
During cross examination by C F Edwards, the witness confirmed that there has been mysterious fire accident before this one and could not confirm whether any electrical maintenance was done at the electricity building prior to the previous incidents.
Meanwhile, the accused, Moses AlieuLansana who is arraigned in court on three count charge of conspiracy to commit felony, arson and malicious damage was granted bail of eight hundred million Leones (Le 800m) with two sorties in like sum.
According to Magistrate Binneh Kamara, he granted the accused bail on the grounds of his medical status before the court but he however cautioned that the sorties should produce valid Sierra Leonean passport, national identification cards and the accused should submit his travelling documents to the office of registrar.

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