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SLPP May Adopt APC Project

10,Jul 2018
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Road construction was a priority in the APC administration

One of the good things that have come out of the Government Transition Team) GTT) report is that the current SLPP administration is considering the out-gone government’s pre-identified areas for the construction of flyover bridges within Freetown. The areas identified are in East End Police, Lumley roundabout and other strategic areas to ease congestion and enhance traffic flow. “It will be necessary for the present administration to revisit these ideas and put projects together for its implementation,” the GTT stated.

It added that the construction of a bypass road along the coast of Freetown was another project identified by the out gone administration and that the present administration must undertake feasibility studies of a coastal road from Cline Town to Murray Town and explore means of construction.

It went on to state that a Road Maintenance Fund Administration (RMFA) was established by the out gone administration in April 2010 to manage funds for the maintenance of the national road network (NRN) in the country.

However, the report states that it is strange that the management of this agency is far removed from SLRA which has been mandated by Government to develop national policies on the maintenance, rehabilitation, improvement and management of the NRN and exercise control over implementation. Tit maintained that the current administration must review, rationalize and harmonize the management and operations of both SLRA and RMFA to reduce resource wastage and increase efficiency.

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