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UNIMAK Administration Turning New Leaf

07,May 2018
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By Muhamed Musa

Following the resignation of the President of the Student Representative Council (SRC) in the University of Makeni (UNIMAK), a group of students from different departments in the university on 28th April, 2018, called on the current Attorney General and Minister of Justice in the university, Augustine Senesie Bangura to run for the position of president of the Student Representative Council.

This call according to the leader of the team, Simeon Pangu is as a result of their anticipation for quality leadership and representation in the Council as it is the intermediary body for the students and the administration.

Pangu on behalf of colleagues stated that the main reason why they approached Augustine to contest for the SRC presidential race is because he has proved himself in the outgoing regime to be an exemplary individual working in the interest of students without him being at the helm of affairs.

The team further reaffirmed their commitment and support as concerned students to disseminate the good messages about the gentleman for those who have the opportunity to benefit from the projects or meet him one-on-one.

Responding to the call made by colleague students, Augustine Sensi Bangura thanked the team for their watchfulness over the years in assessing him; adding that this is not the first time such is happening and that he feels encouraged. He added that throughout his secondary school days and outside school, he enjoys his full potential in similar capacities of which many other people have benefited immensely. He went on to highlight that he was the Head Boy of Saint Francis Senior Secondary School; as he had pioneered the construction of a market for the school that pupils and traders are now selling foodstuffs in the school and are benefiting a lot from that structure.

He maintained that, despite his position in the outgoing government as Attorney General of the SRC, he played a key role in generating ideas on how the Council should take up infrastructural projects in order to help the university administration and that one of such projects is the construction of the cement benches in the university which student are very appreciative of.

He submitted that he is currently pioneering a fund-raising program for last year students from deprived homes who are finding it very difficult to pay their fees.

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