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APC Ex-Parliamentary Leader Advises President Bio

19,Apr 2018
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By Prince C. Kamara

Three times duly elected Member of Parliament, Honorable Ibrahim Bundu (2002-2017) has proffered advice to newly-elected President Retired Brigadier Julius Maada Bio to “immediately curb lawlessness” if his government is to succeed.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with AYV on his political career and other issues at his Wellington Street office in Freetown on Wednesday 18th April, 2018, Hon. Ibrahim Bundu spoke unequivocally that though it is too early for him to proffer any substantial advice to President Bio and the SLPP administration, his only concern for now is the spate of lawlessness around the country.

He explained that when he was elected, he first of all occupied the Opposition bench from 2002 to 2007. “So I have the knowledge of both aisles. Having served in the opposition for five years, I was then the Minority Whip of my party – APC. Then we came in 2007 and I was selected to be the Chief Whip of the House and I rose to later become the Deputy Majority Leader and subsequently Majority Leader and Leader of Government Business,” Hon. Bundu said.      

In responding to what he thinks of the current state of affairs and what his advice to President Bio and the SLPP-led government would be, Hon. Bundu went further to state that though it is early to give such advice as an opposition member, one thing he is looking forward to during President Bio’s first 100 (one hundred) days is to curb lawlessness in all facets of the society.

He maintained that otherwise, “even if you put air condition on our streets, the lawless people; either the lawless drivers will ride over it or lawless guys will steal or damage it deliberately.”

He went on to say that the people of Sierra Leone are expecting something new, adding: “Put systems in place; but as long as you put people there whose only qualification is just because I am a strong member of this party, it will not work. Let’s look at a system by which lawlessness is immediately put to the halt! That’s one big advice because I saw it; I experienced it, I’m still experiencing it and I was very disturbed when honestly no less a person than the Minister of Internal Affairs then, stated that his only cry is that he does not care who forms the next government but cares that one of the things the next government should seriously look at is curbing lawlessness.”

Honorable Bundu further stated that because of his long experience in politics and parliamentary procedures he is willing, ready and able to assist current Members of Parliament especially along the lines of governance as he is conversant with many governance issues, legislative issues and parliament issues because “as head of government business in parliament, I was in charge of most of those bills that are now being implemented.” He added that he is au fait with bills that have been passed; things that are supposed to happen or implemented but that are still pending. “And that’s why I said I will make myself available to anything I can contribute for nation building,” Hon. Bundu said.

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