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Kamarainba Feels Unsafe

20,Mar 2018
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By Mohamed Lamin Banya

The Chairman and Leader who also doubled as presidential candidate of the Alliance Democratic Party (ADP) Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray has stated that he vote for the lesser devil in the March 27, 2018 runoff election, adding that for now, he is refraining from making any public declaration as to which party he will support in the runoff for security reasons.

He was speaking at a recent press conference held at his party’s office at Rawdon Street in Freetown. According to Kamarainba Mansaray the essence of the press conference was to thank his supporters for their loyalty and support showed to him during and after the March 7, 2018 multi-tier elections and to discuss the way forward.

“But I will never join the SLPP or APC because I will continue to lead an opposition party in this country,” he said. He added: “I have more money than Maada and Samura put together and both of them cannot bribe or pay me to join their party.”

He noted that it was disappointing to see people voting en masse for what he described as ‘the two political parties that have wrecked this country.’

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