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Israel establishes bilateral relationship with Salone

18,Jul 2017
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By Idrissa Conteh

Israeli Ambassador to Sierra Leone has expressed concerns on how the relationship between the two countries can be made better for the benefit of the two nations.

Ambassador, Paul Hirschson stated that the relationship has been flourishing for many years and that it has been a blossom relationship and a strong tie between the two countries adding that there was once an Israeli embassy in Sierra Leone.

“President Koroma was in Israel few months ago, in January together with a senior delegation, the primary purpose of that particular visit is to follow up on how both nations can progress on different projects, and ideas we spoke about and to identify what I can do to move these projects forward and laudable.” Paul Hirschson mentioned.

He furthered that it was an Israeli company that built the Sierra Leone Parliament and that as a nation they are looking forward to build a political, economic, cultural, educational and training  relationship among others, and that there have been Sierra Leoneans who have gone through training and being empowered in Israel, mostly in the agricultural aspect.

He stated that in the future, the relationship must be established on the point that both sides gain from each other not as in sport that there must be a loser or a winner, adding that they are here for partnership not a relationship, pointing out that such really happened in economic development and relations as that would be where they would like to put more emphasis on and that when both sides win they are happy.

 Paul Hirschson maintained that Israel happened to be looking for partnership of equals as he cited the examples of the relationship between his country and Egypt, adding that Israel was not an NGO’s nor the Europeans and that his country was  looking for partnership that will benefit both countries.

He reiterated that they wants Sierra Leone to have an Embassy in Israel and Israel to also have an Embassy in Sierra Leone, not withstanding that fact that there had been financial constrain in certain areas, but that his country had regional offices and was running a project in Sierra Leone.

Speaking on President Koroma Visit to Israel, the Israeli Ambassador stated that the Sierra Leone President visited Israel because they understood that Israel was committed in action not words and that there has been too much of aid relationship from the part of Sierra Leone but not on economic relations and that they would like to engage in the transfer of technology and transfer of knowledge.

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