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NPD leader freed on bail again

20,Jun 2017
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By Mohamed Kai

Magistrate Dr. Abubakar Binneh Kamara of court N0.1 in Freetown has on Monday 19 June 2017, restored bail condition of the leader of the National Progressive Democratic Party, Jesmed Faday Suma.

The accused bail was on previous adjourned date rescinded by the presiding Magistrate, for uttering sarcastic statement that he would make Sierra Leone ungovernable, if the court failed to treat his matter with all seriousness it deserved.

He was charged to court for the offence of sedition and disorderly behavior contrary to the laws of Sierra Leone, and that on Thursday 23 March 2017, in the precinct of the Cotton Tree, in Freetown judicial district in the western area of the republic of Sierra Leone, the accused uttered seditious statements against the state and staff of the Sierra Leone Judiciary.

The leader and co-founder of the National Progressive Democratic, Jesmed Foday Suma was also charged to court for behaving in a disorderly manner, which negates Section (12) of the public order act N0.46 of 1965, as amended by Section (15) of No.  (2) Of 1973, of the laws of Sierra Leone.

The accused bail was restored after tendering open apology to the presiding magistrate, Dr. Abubakar Binneh Kamara at the previous  court proceedings that he was frustrated over the snail pace trend of his matter currently under adjudication .

Whiles he was in the dock, he also apologized to staff of the Sierra Leone judiciary, whom he had uttered sarcastic and threatening statement against, under the historic Cotton Tree along Siaka Steven street in the central part of the Freetown capital.

The matter was adjourned to 29 June 2017. 

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