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Fatal accident again at Lumley

20,Apr 2017
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By Idrissa Conteh

A fatal accident occurred at the Lumley roundabout in the late hours of Yesterday, eye witnesses stated that at least seven people feared dead in the accident, including a foreign national and many others injured.

The accident scene was very chaotic, as Lumley happened to be the pivot point of several communities, in the western area of Freetown.  Owing to this, people always promenade in and out of the Lumley roundabout, in search of their daily survival.

Lumley roundabout usually occupied by traders that dwells in several communities across Lumley. Some of the eye witnesses described the scene of the accident occurred as they alleged that seven people were feared died in the accident.

David Monda stated that he was in search of food when he suddenly saw a truck rolling down from Spur Road fast approaching the Lumley roundabout, wherein the truck suddenly somersaulted and immediately crashed a Toyota RAV4 vehicle together with several vehicles that led to the fatality of the accident.   

Mini Boss “Poda Poda” Driver was crying and searching for his missing apprentice as he stated that he had been searching for the boy since the accident occurred and that all he wants now was to behold his apprentice.

It is noteworthy that many accidents had been occurring in the Lumley area on a regular basis and most of these accidents were caused by trucks or heavy vehicles.

The police at the scene refused to talk to AYV, according to them everyone was in shocked, and they are not excluded. 

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