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'Fibre optic is alive' - Says SALCAB Commercial Officer

20,Apr 2017
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By Marius Musa Kargbo

Chief Commercial Officer of the Sierra Leone Cables Limited (SALCAB), Alhaji Sallieu Mansaray has disclosed in Freetown that the fibre optic facility is up and running.

This disclosure was made yesterday at the Freetown Gulf Club in Freetown at a meeting with the media and civil society organisations.

The meeting was summoned to sensitize the general public about the advantages associated with the fibre optic, and the need for operators to make good use of it for the benefit of especially data users.

He said the landing of the fibre is a blessing to Sierra Leone as the country is now paying far less than it was for satellite.

"As at 2012, the country was paying between $2,500 to $8,000 for one meg via satellite signals, but with the fibre cable, it only costs $43 for an even higher meg," he said.

Mansaray disclosed that the terrestrial fibre cable currently runs from Sierra Leone to the borders of Guinea and Liberia with discussions underway towards a united sub regional communications prizing.

The marine fibre layout is also being monitored from the Lumley station to prevent ships from dropping anchor and damaging the cable.

He continued that all developed countries currently rely on fibre, noting that SALCAB is a wholesaler of bandwidth capacity in the country. He however noted that they only sell to operators registered with NATCOM.

He furthered that with the fibre, government is working on an initiative to connect for a start ten universities and schools areas with free data provision.

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