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Suckling mother narrates ordeal

21,Feb 2017
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By Mohamed Kai

A suckling mother Maseray Conteh has testified before High Court Justice Ernest Gooding that accused Sulaiman Mansaray and Maligie Bangura evaded her residence and stole her household properties, at Kuntorlor in Freetown.

State Prosecutor, Oliver Vivian Robin Mason Jnr, led in evidence the complainant, as she explained that she recognized both accused and vividly remembered the incident of 1 February, 2017.

According to her, on the aforementioned date, both accused forcefully broke and entered into her residence at Kuntutorlor in the east of Freetown, after midnight, and the first accused, Sulaiman violently demanded some money from her.

Maseray narrated that she told the first accused that she had no money, and that she was a suckling mother, adding that she later heard the second accused, Maligie telling the first accused person, Sulaiman to lacerate her with a razor blade, if she refused to produce the money on demand.

She said before the first accused forcefully instructed her to bow her head on the ground, he frightened her by brandishing a razor, stating that while the first accused was brandishing and frightening her with the above mentioned razor blade in her bedroom, she said the second person was in the parlor disconnecting her electrical appliances such as, speaker  box, amplifier  and trousers including two t-shirts.

 Both accused, the witness went on succeeded in carting away with some money that was kept in a rubber bowl meant for cooking in her bedroom, and further that both accused were later caught by the area youths, when they heard her shouting, thief! thief!  thief!

She also informed the court that both accused were caught with some of her personal belongings, they had  carted away with, stressing that  accused were  later whisked to  the Kissy Police Division, and  subsequently detained, before statement was obtained from her in respect of the matter before the court.

However, the witness testimony apparently shocked the presiding Judge, Justice Ernest Gooding, prompting him to state that Sierra Leoneans were living in a state of insecurity, where criminals were not only creating sleepless nights for innocent and peaceful citizens, but that they were physically attacked people and dispossessed them of their  personal belongings, violently. 

The two accused, who police did not charged with the offence of conspiracy, were facing one count charge, robbery with aggravation, contrary to the country’s laws, and that the particulars of their offence, disclosed that both accused broke and forcefully entered into the residence of the complainant, on 1 February,  2017.

The Accused were remanded at the Male Correctional Centre on Pademba road in Freetown, they were represented by Lawyer J.M Jengo and Justice Ernest Gooding adjourned the matter to 22 February 2017.

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