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12 benefit from Legal Aid in Kono

23,Sep 2016
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The Legal Aid secured twelve (12) discharges and bail for two indigents accused persons in Koidu in the Kono District. The fourteen accused persons were being tried for various offences at the Koidu Magistrate Court presided over by Magistrate Ibrahim Yillah. All the accused had the matters against them dismissed in one day on the 19 September 2016. 

Seven of the accused were charged with riotous conduct, wounding with intent, assault and causing actual bodily harm, two with larceny and one each with assault, obtaining money by false pretense and loitering.


The lawyer for the Legal Aid Board, Ibrahim Mansaray told the court that the alleged rioters belong to two different opposing groups each having a matter against the other in the court. He further told the court that the two groups had been reconciled by the Kono Union and therefore do not wish to proceed with the matters in court. He therefore applied for the matter to be discharged which was granted by the Magistrate Yillah.

The case of larceny against Umaro Munu was discharged after the complainant failed to attend court for two successive adjournments. Daniel Tamba Senesie who was standing trial for alleged assault was also discharged for want of prosecution. A third, Ivan Johnson who was charged with obtaining money by false pretense also had the charges against him dismissed.

Ibrahim Sorie Sesay who was charged with loitering was cautioned and discharge following an appeal from lawyer Mansaray. Making an appeal on behalf of the accused, he told the court that the accused do not offend anybody while he was caught in the loitering.

Lawyer Mansaray also secured bail for Aiah Nyamiya Senesie and Aiah Momoh.  Senesie is charged with threatening language. 

 The Executive Director, Ms. Fatmata Claire Carlton-Hanciles has welcomed the discharges from Kono. ‘This is a perfect reply to those who think our operations are limited to certain parts of the country,’ she said. ‘We had some challenges with the lawyer for Kenema but even at that our impact at police stations, correctional centers and the informal courts has been overwhelming. Those living in Freetown may not know what is happening upcountry so we will forgive them for saying things that are far from the reality.’

Ms. Carlton-Hanciles has disclosed that the dates for the launch of the Legal Aid Board in Port Loko and Bo respectively will be announced by the end of the month.

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