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Nanette Thomas talks tough on gender, women's participation in politics

15,Jun 2016
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Minister of Political and Public Affairs, Hon. Nanette Thomas has delivered a touching speech on Gender and Women's Participation in Politics.

In her statement, she said men and women should never breakdown during a scolding or in face of challenges; that's mental toughness - a virtue. Crying is an expression of sadness. She said when there is reason to be sad...why can't tough men and women cry?


She explicitly stated that women are more capable to perform and prove themselves by showing that they can do the same thing as what a guy can do better.

“Using such yardsticks do not embrace the idea of feminism. It's not a competition. It's about not sizing one up simply on gender. After all, there is no (or rather, should not have) preset rules for males and females to each follow” she noted.


She said: “Men should never have to stay away from being described as "sensitive" or "weak" just because He uses his heart in doing things more so than others; women should never be described as "bossy", just because she has an opinion. Society needs to dispel these ideas, and many more, if we are to free ourselves from being ruled by notions of our forefather's that women are meant to be in the kitchen or for child bearing or cooking and doing the odd jobs, you guys should come to terms that change is here and as soon as said those words, the entire conference hall roared with thunderous clapping.”

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