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Energy Ministry Engages 149 Paramount Chiefs on solar energy

07,Apr 2016
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The Ministry of Energy last Saturday engaged one hundred and forty nine (149) Paramount Chiefs and other key stakeholders on energy revolution at Dohas Hotel in Bo.
The Minister of Energy, Ambassador Henry O. Macauley, in his opening statement, said electricity belongs to everybody and it involves partnership in order for it to be successful.
He maintained that while the government is doing its own bit, the public must also ensure that it contributes also to the process, noting that “without unity the electricity sector will not succeed,” the minister averred.

He advised the chiefs to demonstrate community ownership regarding the solar project and informed them to provide the necessary pieces of land and man power when the project commences. He further advised the chiefs to engage their people so that they can support the project.
The minister elaborated that the solar project is the least project the president has in mind, noting that ‘apart from home solar’ there are also other projects whereby eleven districts will benefit from the thermal plant.
Chairing the occasion was the Chief of Staff, Saidu Conton Sesay, who said the world is changing in technological advancement and the quality of life also, noting that “we cannot afford to be left behind while the president is working very hard toward success.
Bo District Council Chairman, Joseph Munda Bindi said this is one of the most important projects this country has ever undertaken, adding that it will benefit the entire rural population. He furthered that if this project comes to reality it will improve other sectors.
He maintained that the councils are more than ready and will work together to ensure that electricity reaches the most remote parts in the rural community.
The Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Maya Kaikai said that the Paramount Chiefs belief in development and have been working toward that, citing the role they played in the just concluded ebola.
He maintained that his ministry is the direct beneficiary of the project, noting that the president is catering for the less privileged.
The Acting Chairman of Paramount Chiefs, Chief Kono Bundor of Gorama Kono noted that “this is the most wonderful day I have ever seen in my 21 years as paramount chief,” he pointing out that lack of electricity is affecting their administration, emphasising that with all 149 paramount chiefs in attendance signifies their gratetitude to the president.
Dr Patrick Tarawallie from the Ministry of Energy, through a power point presentation, highlighted the role of renewable energy, noting that less than two percent of the people living in the area have access to electricity. He maintained that the government will engage the private sector, seek fund, set up a regulatory system and also protect consumers in order to help the people and improve the system.
He elaborated on the essence of solar energy stating that it can be used by pupils and students to study; also reduce the use of fire wood, kerosene and increase business activities.
At the end of the round table discussion, the minister of energy launched the five megawatts farm project and also visited the project site at Yamandu town in Bo district

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