VIMETCO Clocks 10, Awards Dedicated Staff


By Aruna Turay

Sierra Mineral Holdings 1 Limited commonly known as VIMETCO, has celebrated its 10th Year Anniversary with the theme: “Recap the past to out the future”.

The grand anniversary celebration was held at the CDC Complex Mosenesie Junction Lower Banta chiefdom in the Moyamba district.

General Manager of VIMETCO, Basudeb Datta acknowledged the developmental roles of business partners, suppliers, staff, government and people of Bo, Bonthe and Moyamba and their supportive roles in achieving the company’s goals.

He reassured community members that the Sierra Mineral Holdings 1 Limited will remain committed to all government requirements regarding compliance with mining regulations.

Giving the project background, GM Datta said the Bauxite concession covers an area of 127.4 square miles as in Exploration License EXPL 2/2001, adding that the project facilities are concentrated in Gondama and Nitti and to a lesser extent Mokanji its principal deposits are concentrated in Gbonge, Gondama, Jenega

Konta and Wunde.

Abdul Bangura is the Company’s Chief Finance Officer (CFO). He said Sierra Minerals has been part of the international industrial and investment group, Vimetco N.V., since July 2008.

According to him, Sierra Minerals is the only bauxite mine in Sierra Leone and is the second largest mining employer in the country, adding that on 15th November, 2010 it started proper mining in the country.

The mine he revealed has a resource base of approximately 31 million tonnes of bauxite and currently produces around 1.2 million tonnes per annum for export.

The anniversary is said is meant to celebrate the company’s uncountable achievements in ten years. The celebration the CFO went on is also meant for the company to show its appreciation to its valued partners, staff, suppliers, contractors, government and people of Moyamba, Bo and Bonthe among others who have supported the company all through the journey of good and bad times.

Assessing the compliance rate of VIMETCO in Sierra Leone, Chairman Parliamentary Committee on Mines and Mineral Resources in the House of Parliament, Hon. Saa Emerson Lamina said over the years, he has witnessed many companies have come and gone leaving pains and more struggles for residents of where they came and operate.

He said VIMETCO steering the ship for ten years now and building development in towns and districts they operate in very much commendable.

The MP used VIMETCO’s laudable achievements in the area of their Corporate Social Responsibility to call on other mining companies to emulate and replicate.

The celebration was climaxed with an award ceremony of the company’s long serving and dedicated-to-service workers and a thank you dinner.