NEC Boss Visits Nigeria High Commission


The newly-appointed Chairperson of the National Electoral Commission (NEC), Mohamed Kenewui Konneh, has paid a courtesy visit at the Nigeria High Commission in Freetown.

He was received by the Charge d’ Affaires of the High Commission.

Konneh, said his visit was in recognition of the role that Nigeria has been playing in Sierra Leone, and recounted all the assistances ‘big brother’ Nigeria has provided for all elections in Sierra Leone.

The NEC boss made known his desire to receive more support from the High Commission and by extension Nigeria during his tenure.

Responding, Sona .A. Charles, (Charge d’ Affaires) assured the NEC Chairman of Nigeria’s willingness to always support Sierra Leone and reminded him that Nigeria has been there for Sierra Leone as a friend and a brother, through thick and thin.

He stated that the visit of the NEC Chairperson will be communicated to the appropriate quarters while assuring him to feel free coming to the High Commission for any assistance.