Another Victim Suffers Violation over Acts of Lesbianism


According to reports, Marian was caught in a Lesbian act with a lady friend at Calaba town east of Freetown.

After being caught, the poor lady was roughly manhandled and dragged out of her room amidst severe beating and torture.

According to Sierra Leone’s laws, Lesbianism and gay acts are totally discouraged and unallowed.

The laws state that anyone caught in the practice must face a sentence of life improvement with hard labour.

Fortunately, for Marian, she was saved from being brutally murdered after she ran into some close family friends who hidded her from her violators.

Similarly, some few years ago, a lady named Haja Fatmata Bangura also suffered from this draconic laws.

She was caught in the same act of Lesbianism and was brutally manhandled and was almost killed with beating.

To date, the search for her is still serious and quite recently, the police in October of 2020 issued a new press release announcing Haja’s search and arrest.

She was declared wanted, with a shoot-on-sight order by the police after she was caught in the middle of the lesbian act with her female lover.

Among others, Marian and Haja are now top on the police search and wanted list. If caught today, they will face brutal death in the hands of their hunters or face a life imprisonment with hard labour.

However, there have been lots of moves by human rights organizations and advocates to get government to expunge these draconian laws from the country’s law books but to no avail.

Sources have it that these attempts by human rights advocates have all failed because the act of Lesbianism and gay is again religious beliefs as Sierra Leone is a Muslim and Christian dominated state with high respect and regards for religion.

In addition to Haja’s predicament, the police past months stormed her family house and her mother was harassed.

Reports say added to Haja’s lesbian case with the government, the police wanted her arrested because she stole money from a an old man her parents forced her to love with before she ran away.

The said man is said to be an elderly man far older than Haja. She was against her love with the old man but was forced to go into it by her parents who could not afford to repay the man’s stollen money.