Citizens Urged MPs to Emulate Hon. Tawa


Sierra Leoneans, who spoke to this medium last evening of yesterday 14th September, 2020 have urged the country’s honourable Members of Parliament to emulate what they termed as: “Hon. Ibrahim Tawa Conteh’s indelible footprints.”

The people believe that it is an established fact that politics in Africa is full of deceit, rogue, unpatriotism, saboteurs, propaganda, lack of integrity, putting political party’s interest above the country’s interest and host of other nefarious attributes.

They say politics in Africa denotes putting one’s party’s interest above national interest, noting that this is appalling but it is the sad reality; and Sierra Leone to a large extent is not an exception to this.

“No doubt, one of the notable reasons for the backwardness of the continent is as a result of the political party’s interest comes first ideology. Today, we’ve started to see a paradigm shift in that old ideology in Sierra Leone” the people noted.

The recent action by Honourable Tawa Conteh to resign as Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Transparency and Accountability mainly because of political interference and arm-twisted from the powers that be is worthy to celebrate and to popularise especially at a time like this when the country’s Parliament is rated as one of the four most corrupt public institutions in the country. 

Hon. Tawa, being a patriotic and reputable person that has an image to protect and to maintain, willingly and wholeheartedly relinquished such a lucrative position in the name of protecting his image; and also eschewing from being a part of the many that are stifling the progress of this nation through their actions and inactions has earned many rightful thinking and like-minded Sierra Leoneans’ kudos.

It can be recalled that Hon. Tawa has always being an upright and pragmatic noble man, and also a keeper of moral despite the challenges and the drawbacks he is facing from different quarters within and outside his political party, yes, he always stand firm to do the needful things that will enhance and promote good governance and the rule of law.

This manifestation of patriotism and nationalism by Hon. Tawa was also seen few months back when he boisterously exposed the excesses and corrupt practices happening in the Legislative Arm of government known as Parliament.

Even though, that rightful act by the nationalistic honourable was frowning at by some members of his party who wrongly perceived it as a betrayal and an unforgivable offence. Though he was lambasted and threatened yet, he still hold on to his principle of nation first.