Parliament Ranked amongst Most Corrupt Institutions


Sierra Leone Parliament has been ranked second in the country’s most corrupt institutions; following the conclusion of a 2019 Corruption Perception Report released by the DFID-Funded PFM Consortium including Center for Accountability and the Rule of Law (CARL).

Parliament has however objected to it being listed the second most corrupt institution in Sierra Leone. According to a press statement issued over the weekend by Parliament, the institution brands itself as the supreme legislative body that has the constitutional authority to hold the executive to account.

It added that it is an open, transparent and accountable institution to the people of Sierra Leone devoid of corruption, while strongly condemning the outcome of the said survey relating to its image and sees it as an affront deliberately fabricated to damage its reputation.

Parliament now challenged the consortium to advance its evidence as it deems the outcome of the survey as a solitary figment of imagination to destroy the good image of parliament.