Kamarainba’s Trial: Court Discusses ‘Captain Band’


By Mohamed Kai

The second prosecution witness in the ongoing court matter against the Leader and Chairman of the Alliance Democratic Party, Mary Sia Tommy has testified that she recognized the second accused, Marion Arouni as the victim’s mother and recalled the incident of 7th February 2020.

She told the court that on the day in question; the second accused accompanied the victim to the Koidu Government Hospital for the purpose of administering a contraceptive ‘Captain Band’ to prevent her from unwanted or early pregnancy.

According to Mary Sia Tommy, the second accused informed her that the victim was bleeding after an unknown nurse had administered an injection, before she rushed with the victim to the Koidu Government Hospital.

She intimated the court that the second accused also informed her that the victim had started seeing her menstruation following the recording of the victim’s personal details, before the victim was administered the contraceptive called ‘Captain Band’.

Nurse Mary further testified that she then handed over the victim’s recorded personal details for safe keeping and routine medical check- up.

The fourth prosecution witness Dr. Daniel Lavalie disclosed that he is charged with the responsibility of overseeing and supervising the administrative and clinical aspects of the Koidu Government Hospital.

He informed the court that he recalled examining and treating the victim, when she arrived at the Koidu Government Hospital with a police medical request form to be examined and treated for alleged sexual penetration.

Dr. Daniel Lavalie disclosed that after documenting the victim’s findings, he realized that the victim’s vagina had no fresh injury, and that her hymen had long been lost and that she had had multiple sex encounters.

He further disclosed that during his findings, he did not see any semen or blood, and could not tell who penetrated her sex organ.

He concluded that he conducted the said medical examination on the victim on 17th July this year. Hearing continues.