SLPP to Investigate Hate Speech Mongers


The Secretariat of the Sierra Leone People’s Party has condemned the ugly spate of incendiary and hate speeches mostly broadcast through social media and some SLPP supporters.

The party’s national executive has condemned unequivocally and unreservedly all forms of hate and incendiary statements aimed at undermining the peace and serenity of the country and its citizens.

The party has distanced itself completely from the hate speeches broadcast by some of its overzealous supporters directed at the APC or some of its members in an audio shared on social media on Monday 24th August 2020 and has promised to fully investigate and take stringent disciplinary action against any of its member found wanting of making any incendiary or hate comment.

“Hate and incendiary statements are alien to the SLPP and do not reflect the one country one people motto of the esteemed party. The SLPP has always prided itself on its democratic credentials and respect for the rule of law and we will continue in that direction” the Secretariat stated.

Adding: “We are warning all our supporters and leaders of support groups to refrain from reacting in like -manner to any form of provocation by members of the opposition”.