2 More Witnesses Testify at Kadija’s Case By Mohamed Kai


By Mohamed Kai

Lead State Prosecutor, Joseph K. Sesay has led in evidence two more witnesses in the ongoing murder matter of Mariama Sarjoh Barrie and Ibrahim Bah charged with the Offences of Conspiracy to Commit Grievous Bodily Harm and Murder, contrary to law.

Testifying before Magistrate Mark Ngegba at the Pademba Road Court N0.2 in Freetown, the third prosecution witness Agnes Jajua intimated that she recognized both accused persons as her neighbors.

She further intimated the court that she was relaxed in her residence, when the first accused person Mariama Sarjoh Barrie informed her that Kadijah Saccoh is sick and needs some medical treatment.

According to Agnes Jajua, she went to see the deceased but observed that her condition had worsened and immediately advised the first accused Mariama Sarjoh Bah to take her to the hospital.

She stated that she went back home to change her dress and when she returned, she could not see Mariama Sarjoh Bah, but met the second accused Ibrahim Bah along the step, looking around for his mother who is the first accused person.

The witness also testified that, she overheard a telephone conversation between one Alex and the second accused Ibrahim Bah that they had rushed with Kadijah to the Lumley Hospital.

Agnes Jajua told the court that she overheard the second accused Ibrahim Bah on telephone saying that, they had taken the deceased to Choithrams Hospital.

The witness disclosed that whiles they were at Choithrams Hospital, one of the doctors called the second accused Ibrahim Bah and informed him that Kadijah Madinatu Saccoh had succumbed to the cold hands of death.

She concluded that she later made statement at the Lumley Police Station in respect of the matter before the court.

The fourth prosecution witness Sallay Kamara also testified that she is a family friend to the mother of the deceased, and usually to exchange telephone conversation with her.

She said that she was informed by Khadija’s mother who is living outside the jurisdiction of Sierra Leone that her daughter was suffering from cold.

The witness Sallay Kamara further disclosed that she also received a telephone call from the first accused, Mariama Sarjoh Barrie that Kadija had collapsed.

She also stated that she took the deceased from the first accused and rushed with her to an Iranian hospital at Lumley, where one of the doctors tested the deceased with a thermometer, and later advised that the deceased be taken to the Connaught Hospital.

According to her, she telephoned the Khadija’s step father who advised her to take the deceased to Choithrams Hospital, where Kadijah was sounded by a doctor and later pronounced dead.

The matter comes up again on Thursday 20th August this year for further hearing.

Police alleged that the both accused persons conspired with unknown individuals to murder five year old Kadijah Madinatu Saccoh within the Freetown Judicial District, in the Republic of Sierra Leone.

Agnes Jajua continue that late in the day while she was about to take her bath she saw Mariama Sajor Barrie and Khadijah Saccoh out, after some hours Mariama Sajor Barrie called her that Khadija’s  eyes have gone up but advise them to take her to the hospital, and went to put on cloth and came back never met them. Agnes Jajua added that she met Ibrahim Bah along the step and asked him about Khadijah and Mariama Sajor Barrie but Ibrahim Bah said he is also looking for them. They both went to the Choithrams hospital where the Doctor called I Ibrahim and informed his that Khadijah is dead.

The fourth witness Sallay Kamara who said she is a family friend, explain that when speaking with the deceased mother when she informed that her had sick clod and ask her to check on her child, for which called on Mariama Sajor Barrie and ask her about the deceased and told her that she is playing, and ask her to send Ibrahim Bah to come and collect Paracetamol for which Ibrahim Bah came and collected, but later she received a called from Mariama Sajor Barrie that the deceased has collapse and she hurry to meet them, she met with them at Wilberforce roundabout where she took the child from their hands take her to the Iran Hospital where she was tested