Alleged Sexual Penetration: Kamarainba Detained at CID


Kamarainba arriving at CID yesterday

By Ransford Lube-Metzger

Leader of Alliance Democratic Party (ADP), Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray, has been named in a sexual penetration scandal of a fifteen year old girl.

In an attempt to clear his name off the allegations, Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray yesterday Tuesday 21st July, turned himself in at the Criminal Investigation Department, Pademba Road in Freetown.

Speaking to AYV in an interview, the ADP leader and chairman confirmed that his residence was barricaded by police and military personnel even though at that point he was aware of this particular allegation against him.

According to Kamarainba, he met the girl when she asked him to help her with her schooling. He explained that when he received news of the allegation against him, he telephoned the Inspector of Police to inform him that he would be at the CID at 1pm and that he has arrived together with his solicitors.

“It is not true. I have never in my life touched an underage girl. This is a plot. It is a set up and everybody who truly knows me knows that.” Kamarainba said. He went on to explain that the allegation centers on him taking the underage girl under question to a hotel in Kono to sexually abuse her. He added that he has never been or slept in the Diamond Lodge Hotel.

“The police went there and found that I have never been there. So I do not know where these allegations are coming from. I don’t know whether it is a plot to silence me as one of the main opposition mouthpiece in this country,” the ADP leader noted.

He added that he called the LUC in Kono who told him that police were investigating a case of sexual penetration of a fifteen years old girl. He added however that he was now at the CID to give his statement and clear his name because according to him the allegation is a fabrication and a ploy to silence him.

Mr. Mansaray maintained that he has been in Sierra Leone for far too long and knows the consequences of such actions, adding that he would never engage in such demeaning acts and that was the reason why he was walked to the CID by his lawyers Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai, Ade Maauley and others to assist him at making his statement to the police.

However, as we went to press he was still detained at the Criminal Investigations Department pending further investigations.

Sexual penetration of underage girls is a crime punishable by life imprisonment following a State of Emergency against Raps as announced by President Julius Maada Bio. First lady Fatima Bio’s flagship programme Hands off Our Girls aims at ensuring that perpetrators of sexual crimes are seriously dealt with.