Suffering Women Tell Their Stories


By James Tamba-Martha

A Christian international non-governmental organization, World Hope International has supported 35 returnees from Kuwait and other Arab countries.

Young people mostly women embark on journeys to the Middle East countries and other parts of the world in search of greener pasture.

The Trafficking-in-Persons Manager of World Hope International, Miriam Fullah told AYV that it is due to much responsibility most women face that leads them to embark on such dangerous journeys.

This travel taken by women to the Middle East countries is very risky and can result to torture and even death in addition to drug addiction. Most people who survive the journey can attest that the good promises made to them are not true and all what they face is torture.

She went on to state that if returnees are fully supported they can contribute to the development of the country in a positive way. She urged her compatriots to be ambassadors to young people who intend to embark on such deadly journey.

Some of the returnees said their experiences are odd living in a country where they are badly treated and even upon their return to their home Sierra Leone, they are also faced with serious stigmatization by friends and family members.