Sports Center Member Blames COVID-19


By Ransford Maclean

The President of National Union of Sports Centres Bockarie Kamara has said it over three months now all sports Cinema have been close to the general public due to government restrictions on large gardering of people in public places and they have been badly hits by the coronavirus pandemic. He made this disclosure to the public during a press conference held at Murray Town west end of Freetown together with members of the union across the Country.

It could be recalled that on the 31st March Sierra Leone recorded its first index case of the coronavirus that led to ban to people at public places as way to prevent persons from contacting the disease. On this backdrop the member of National Union of Sports Centres (Cinema) have highlighted their constrains they are face with at this time of coronavirus in the country. Bockarie Kamara President of the union nationwide, he said over four hundred cinema centers just in Freetown they have been burdered by on paying their council rate. As for the past three years they are experience an increment of taxes From the City of Council, and it has been durdering them.