Honourable Yumkella Visits Bombali’s COVID-19 Emergency Centre


On Friday the 26th June, 2020, Hon. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella paid what many described as a very timely visit to The Bombali Covid-19 Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

It was around 11:30 am, the highly Esteemed Member of Parliament visited the Center to make observations to get firsthand information on its operations, and to provoke a fruitful engagement with the Coordinator, Surveillance officers, head superior of the quarantine homes, civil societies, head of securities personnel, President of Journalist Northern Region and  volunteers. To understand how the management of the deadly Corona Virus has been in this part of the Country, and to further explore possible actions that could help curtail the spread of the Virus.

During the visit, he received a warm welcome from the team and proceeded to have a not to elaborate but fruitful engagement with the team on the purpose of his visit, as he made series of observations during the process, which include but not limited to the fact that there is no testing center in the district, swabs have to be collected and sent to Freetown for testing, also the center is constrained with logistics etc.

These concerns he will take home to discuss with top party members of The National Grand Coalition Party (NGC) for possible actions in the best Interest of Sierra Leone. And in his capacity as Member of Parliament, he will do justice with such information in the Well.

The 2018 Presidential Candidate of the NGC, later visited the party’s new Bombali district office which is located at 2 Bayo lane in Makeni city, where he had a chat with members of the executives, he will subsequently hold similar engagements in other districts.