LAB Secures Release of Crane Operator


The Legal Aid Board has secured the release of Morray a former Crane Operator with one of the labour companies at Cline Town on 23rd March, 2020 from the court.

Morray was charged with Wounding with Intent and had been standing trial at High Court No. 2 at Ross Road presided over by the Hon. Justice Emmanuella Harding.

Morray had been remanded at the Pademba Road Correctional Center for thirteen months since his first court appearance at the Freetown Magistrate Court No. 2 at Ross Road.

Morray, who looks sick and pale informed the Board during pre-discharge briefing prior to his return home and to mainstream society that he will not be returning home to Mammy Yoko Street to reunite with his family for now. He revealed that he will be traveling to Lungi in the Kafu Bullom Chiefdom to seek traditional medical care.

‘As you can see, I cannot afford to go to my residence at Mammy Yoko Street in Freetown,’ he said. ‘I will call my wife to inform her about my release.’ He added that his current health condition will not permit him to reunite with his wife and child.

He thanked the Board for securing his release. However, he still maintained that he is innocent, even though he regrets what transpired between him and his friend, Saidu Kamara which resulted in his arrest and his being charged to court.   

The Executive Director of the Board, Ms. Fatmata Claire Carlton-Hanciles admonished Morray to ensure he is not held hostage by what he has gone through, instead he should stay away from crime and focus on rebuilding his life. She added that the Board has been constrained to provide legal representation to those who re-offend because there are thousands of first-time accused persons on the waiting list around the country who should be served first.

In a related development, the Board on 25th March 2020 also secured bail for one Emmanuel who was charged with Robbery with Aggravation. He had been standing trial at the Freetown High Court presided over by Hon. Justice John Bosco.

Emmanuel had been remanded at the Pademba Road Correctional Center since 2010.  He was granted bail based on a Habeas Corpus application by the Legal Aid Manager, Cecilia Tucker. His case was adjourned to Wednesday 29th April 2020.