Irate Youth Attacks Minister Leema’s Residence


The victim

By Ransford Lube Metzger

A man Alie Forster has been shot on his leg after an alleged foiled attack on the residence of the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs at Juba, west of Freetown.

According to the victim who resides at Sankey Street in Freetown, he and a number of his colleagues were fighting over money at the frontage of the Deputy Minister’s residence before the shot rang out.

Speaking to AYV, the Deputy Minister said, he only learnt of the gun shot when he heard his security detail outside the gate having a bitter argument with a group of young men who were about entering his premise by force.

The incident took place during Saturday’s monthly cleaning exercise. Also speaking to AYV was Regional Commander Freetown West, AIG Ambrose Sovula. He said that on arrival at the scene he was informed by the security officer deployed at the Deputy Minister’s residence that while on duty about forty young men were approaching to bulldoze the gate and that he fired a warning shot to disperse them but that one of the young men refused to flee but continued advancing to seize the rifle of the security personnel and as a result, the security personnel shot his leg to stop him from reaching his objective.

According to Lahai Lawrence Leema he was in his study when he sent his brother to buy top-up for him but that his brother ran back into the compound to inform him that there was chaos at the gate, but is unaware of how it all happened. 

Speaking further, the Regional Commander Freetown West Ambrose Sovula said they received a call from the Deputy Minister that he was under attack and needed security beef-up. He maintained that the matter is under investigation.