Police, Okada Riders Clash in Daru


The cause of the fight, according to an eyewitness James Kamara who spoke to AYV news in a telephone interview from Daru, is as a result of the police refusal to hand over a bike to the Bike Riders Union (BRU) after several plea from the Union following the death of the bike owner who was a BRU member.

The deceased reports went on got involved in an accident on the Kailahun-Kenema highway which led to his death leaving 7 months pregnant wife.

BRU after the burial went to the police to demand the bike from the police so that proceeds from running it will be use to take care of the pregnant wife which the police refused.

The witness confirmed that during the unrest, a rider sustained gunshot wounds and over 200 others fled the chaotic scene as police made some arrests.