Musicians on ‘More Time’ battle



It could be recalled that a cross section of musicians including the All Stars President, went to Kabala recently and announced support for the more time campaign.

According to the Chairman, the statement made by Colabo is his personal opinion and not the voice of the union. He went further to state that no survey or data collection was done among the entire membership and that the statement is a room for disrepute in the music industry.    

In addition, he went on to say that every individual has the right to associate or belong to whatever political party he or she chooses, but that doesn’t mean those people are representing the views of all musicians in Sierra Leone.

He also told AYV that the union has already issued a press statement disassociating the union from the statement made by Colabo and stressed that musicians are not Politicians and that “more time” issue is a constitutional matter and shouldn’t be decided by musicians.

He further advised all musicians to stay focused and maintain their respect as the mouthpiece and voice of the people as the people are looking up to them when it comes to addressing social and political issues.