KKY Movement Questions PPRC


The timing of the notification of the objections according to the statement, are also a cause for concern.

“KKYM Australia believes the March 2018 elections will be one of the most important presidential and parliamentary elections in Sierra Leone. Therefore, it is extremely important and incumbent on all statutory bodies to discharge their responsibilities with integrity, honesty, independence and credibility,” the release stated, adding; “We hope that the delay in issuing the final Certificate of Registration is not a deliberate ploy to undermine the NGC.”

The statement however went on to assure that the Movement will continue to exercise patient as the objections are dealt with by the interim NGC national executive, even though the KKYM Australia membership is eager to commence transition to NGC. It further warned: “We will not allow selfish and ill motivated persons to hinder our efforts and determination to bring hope, opportunity and transformation to the millions of forgotten Sierra Leoneans who are living in extreme hardship and poverty.”

The motivation of the Movement’s membership according to the statement to engage in political activities in Sierra Leone is not driven by greed and selfishness, but rather a response to the call and desire of most Sierra Leoneans who are desperate for a visionary, credible and transformational leadership.