DJ Jaway Praises Jah Almighty for winning the first Oldies the Goodies Veteran DJ’s Competition



Dj Jaway said he was able to emerge as a winner amongst the likes of King Fisher, Lucky J, Super Morris and host of other old professional DJ’s who had made their marks as DJs because he was skillful enough and was able to learn from the mistakes of others DJ’s who played before him during the competition.

“Luckily enough for me I was the fifth person to play during the competition out our six… Unfortunately for the other contestants they were not able to play all different kinds of music which I was able to pick up and make the best out of their mistakes,” he said.

Speaking happily after the competition, he said he has been into competitions over the years but winning such a trophy means a lot to him and to his career as a DJ that has been playing, entertaining and touching the lives of people.

DJ Jaway started his career as a DJ in 1983 at the age of eighteen while he was a still a school boy. He moved on to playing at night clubs years after before he became a DJ at the Atlantic Broadcasting Corporation 94 FM then.

DJ Jaway was able to make more point in his intro and outro, mixing , sequence , crowd response  and Judges perception and  that what made him to emerge triumphantly as the proud winner for the first edition of Oldies the Goodies Veteran DJ ‘s Competition.