Corruption! Salone Police Again!



Alphonso Manley, National Coordinator, Sierra Leone Civil Rights Coalition revealed that the Sierra Leone Police was bribed by the opposition SLPP for it to be allowed with its ‘Arie wuteteh’ on Independence Day.

He pointed out that the Sierra Leone Police is the most corrupt institution in the country. Alphonso recounted that the police lack the structures it requires. He stressed that institution lacks professional personnel to handle riotous situations in the country.

He cited the SLPP saga as an example where the police demonstrated unprofessionalism by taking bribe and using excessive force to combat the rioters.

On their path, the Director of Operations in the Sierra Leone Police, Al-Sheik Kamara denies the allegations from the Sierra Leone Civil Rights Coalition referring to them as baseless, unfounded and lack evidence.

Meanwhile, the Sierra Leone Police have come under serious criticism for corruption allegation