Communities on WASH assessment


Komba Fillie submitted that part of their work was to examine water facilities, sanitation and hygiene among others adding that they usually presented their findings to the public, for government and non-governmental agencies to take appropriate actions.

“There is nothing like recycling going on in the dumping site and that mechanism should have been in place, for the dumping wasted materials not to be hazardous to those that are residing in the community as well as passerby, the issue of Bomeh be in the city happened to be a challenge…” Fillie mentioned

 He stated that kroo Town Road market toilet required water urgently, and that the dumping site at kingtom had some health implications adding that the organization.

A caretaker, Ya Bundu Kamara mentioned that they have been paying boys to fetch water which would be used to sanitize the market toilet.

 Environment and Social Officer of Freetown City Council, Sulaiman Zainu Parker explained that the dump site had really exhausted its required life span, and that it should be out of use. He further noted that there are no other available alternative at the moment and for that reason the current dump site should be manage properly.

Sulaiman Parker irritated that according to sanitary best practice, the dump site at King Tom is not appropriate to be in use any more.