AYV Presenter Speaks at KeDYA Youth Summit



Speaking to AYV about his topic, Tholoma Sumah stated that personally, the topic is very important to him as it speaks to his ideology which calls for Africans to be ‘producers of what they consume’. 

Tholoma Sumah whose wish is to call on African youth to take action as the problem of Africa has been discussed too much and there is need for urgent intervention by youth.

The importance of the summit according to Sumah aims at bringing youth together to discuss the challenges faced by the country and particularly challenges affecting the youth, citing that he is looking forward to making salient inputs on tackling some of the problems youth are facing in the country.

“I have been part of the things happening to youths in the country” he said, adding that it is a unique platform that will help him and other youth to exchange ideas and input solutions for the betterment of the country.

He added that the summit will also create unity amongst youth to push the agenda of youth and the country forward, stating further that the summit will also provide a platform to awaken the government to issues relating to youth.

“I am of the conviction that there are certain things which the government is unaware about the youth; therefore if we can come together and discuss issues about youth, we can give the government a very good standing to understand some of our problems and know how to solve them,” he assured.

He further said that the summit will create an opportunity for networking among youth for them to be able to push their agenda forward and to be able to open room for partnerships in their own projects.

The country according to Tholoma Sumah will benefit from the summit as the human resource of every country is very important, adding that when the human resource of every country is developed then the youth have developed because they form the majority of the population.