$2M Cocoa Contract For SLPMC



In a joint statement between Paul and Isha Mansaray of Sierra Cao, a Sierra Leone based subsidiary of MINKA SCS, it was stated that they would award SLPMC a bigger contract this year’s cocoa crop season for the supply of $2M (1000 m/tons) worth of cocoa beans and also provide some logistical assistance such as jute bags, moisture meters, scales and cutting bean boards.  Negotiations are underway to finalize the contract.

It could be recalled that the Government of Sierra Leone in its attempt to ensure better control over quality of agricultural goods for local and export market, discourage exploitation of farmers by middle men who pay unfair prices to farmers and creating guarantee channels through which farmers can sell their produce; Cabinet, in its Conclusion No. cp (2009) approved the formation of the Sierra Leone Produce Marketing Company.

The Company has taken over functions previously performed by the SLPMB with the aim of becoming a pace setter in the marketing of agricultural commodity for export and local markets and in an effort to enhance the role and operational significance of the agricultural sector in pursuit of the objectives of the Agenda for Prosperity.

SLPMC recognizes that its continued  existence and its growth depends on how well it secures and make available for sale quality agricultural produce in the export market and local processing industry at an economic price, whilst guaranteeing fair prices to local farmers. Its ultimate responsibility is to earn optimum return on invested capital and will provide satisfying and rewarding careers as well as succession opportunities to the employees.

MINKA SCS is an International cocoa buying company with subsidiaries in Uganda, Ecuador, Pueto Rico, Nigeria, Liberia and Sierra Leone. The subsidiary company in Sierra Leone, known as SIERRA Cao is headed by Isha Mansaray who was very instrumental in bringing together MINKA and SLPMC to work together.

SLPMC has come a long way and through hard work can now boast of having a competent company which it is partnering with in the International Cocoa Market.


As SLPMC’s export of produce increases, Sierra Leone would be able to realize the benefits of the export trade activities through the complete repatriation of foreign exchange earned from these transactions. This would go a long way in improving the country’s balance of payment.