Sierra Leone First Women’s Premier League Starts in September


Credit: NewsFeedSierraLeone

Secretary of the Women’s Premier League Board, JenessiMatturi has in a Press Release dated Thursday, 25th of August 2022 confirmed the commencement of the maiden Women’s elite league in Sierra Leone on 24th September 2022.

Before the release of the official date, the Board which is currently on a strategic tour with the twelve teams have also completed the verification process, and will also commence training for Coaches, Referees, and Match Commissioners for the league.

Eight teams from the Provinces and four in Freetown representing the five regions include; Mena Queens FC, Kahunla Queens FC, FC Kallon Female, Mogbwemo Queens FC, Patricia Umu FC, Malema Queens FC, Ram Kay FC, Albitaya Queens Victory FC, Koya Queens FC, Sierra Leone Police Female FC, and Sierra Leo Correctional FC are set to compete for the Women’s elite championship, the fixtures of the competition will be released early in September.