“Please Save My Life” – Baby Israel Cries


Israel Pearce is a 3 years old boy who is suffering from a seizure like condition (epilepsy) since he was 2 years old.

He is currently being taken care of by his grandmother and father as the mother abandoned him.

As it is now, for the doctor to be able to complete his diagnoses, he has requested for MRI brain scan and CT scan in order to help him completed his investigation before a treatment can be proffered.

It is so sad that every time little Israel has an attack it lasts for a minimum of two days before he regains consciousness, this is quite worrying as it could lead to further complications.

We have found out from ECOMED that all the needed scans will cost a total of Five Million Leones (Le5,000,000) about 500 United States Dollars.

We are reaching out to you all, to seek for your kind support in helping to save little baby Israel. Remember, nothing is too small to save the life of a sick child in Sierra Leone. Donate by calling or WhatsApp +232 76722736 or +232 76 793010 or www.sickpikin.org.