“Only Votes can send contestants into the House”


…Housemates Salone organisers inform

By Aruna Turay

Organisers for Housemates Salone have reemphasised that it is only votes and nothing else, can send contestants into the House on May 22nd, 2022.

Samuel Wise Bangura, Director of Communications at AYV Media Empire debunked the fake rumour making the rounds that Housemates organisers, staff of AYV and Africell can influence the entrance of contestants into the House. 

He strongly warned the 60 contestants for Season 3 not to rely or believe anyone approaching them with lies that they can influence their entry into the House.

“Do not believe them. If any Housemates Salone organiser, AYV and Africell staff or any other person approach you that he/she will be able to influence your final qualification or entry into the House, do not believe them. Tell them it is a big lie. Only your votes and nothing else will send you into the House come May 22. Do not give anyone bribe in any form to enter the House. They are fraudsters who want to steal from you.” Mr. Bangura warned.

He urged all 60 contestants to rally round their supporters, loved one, friends and family members to vote for them tirelessly, noting that the race is tough and only contestants with the highest votes will make it into the House in 5 days from today.

The director further called on contestants to ensure they have a clean bill of health, while calling on them to use their mental and physical abilities to compete in the House.

“You must be medically fit and ready to go. Get your medical clearance today and get on a safer zone for May 22.” Director Bangura concluded.

Vote lines are still opened. ONLINE: Go to Housemates website: https://housematessl.com OR Africell website:https://www.africell.sl and follow the instructions there. 

AFRIMONEY: Vote in Sierra Leone with Afrimoney through your Africell line. Dial *161*10# plus the NUMBER of your favourite contestant from your Africell line. Di Yagbacontinues.