Ibrahim Jawara Wanted for Impregnating Underage Girl


By Moses Kamara

The Sierra Leone Police (SLP) has called on residents of Teiyah and Fabandu villages in the Sandor chiefdom, Kono district to help in the search for a young man called Ibrahim Jawara of Teiyah village.

According to reports gathered by this newspaper, Ibrahim is a child of one Osman Jawara who is a Farmer and mother Mariama Marah a house wife. He was a student of Bangallie Sesay (father of the victim) who owns an Islamic Teacher Center operated in the village.

In an investigative tour conducted by this reporter, Aminata Konde who is the Chairlady of the Kono District’s Muslim Women Association and also mother of 16 years old Bintu Sesay (the Victim) said on 20th August, 2015, she noticed some strange developments on her daughter Bintu and that the child was vomiting and developing fever.

She said she called and questioned her after suspecting her of being pregnant with all the signs. To confirm this, Aminata went on, she took Bintu to a traditional birth attendant in the nearby village where it was confirmed that Bintu was already 3 months pregnant.

She said when questioned, Bintu confessed that she was deflowered and impregnated by Ibrahim Jawara. Without wasting more time, Aminata said she took Bintu to her father Bangallie Sesay, a fanatic Muslim Teacher and Chief Imam at Fabandu Village Central Mosque, who led them to the police station.

Information also collected by this reporter states that the issue of Ibrahim’s became more serious after the father of the victim Bintu Sesay divorced his wife Aminata Konde as a result of the incident which they claimed to have brought shame to them.

According to angry community people, Ibrahim’s act has caused them, especially the Muslim community, a big disgrace and shame, for a whole Islamic teacher and leader’s family to be dragged to the mud.

As result of that, they said if the Police fail to take action immediately, they will take the law into their own hands, find Ibrahim and give him mob justice that will cost him his life (death).

Upon hearing this, reports say Ibrahim flew for his life, while other sources say Bintu got a stillbirth and was unable to keep the child after she almost lost her life in a traditional birth attendant’s house.

Speaking to the Head of Media in the Sierra Leone Police, Inspector Komba Aiah Alieu, he confirmed that the police is still investigating the matter and still declares Ibrahim wanted for a crime of ‘Sexually Penetrating a Girl Under 18 Years’, contrary to the Country’s Sexual Offences Act of 2012 as Amended.