Remembering Our Beloved Ambassador Moseray Fadika on His Birthday – The Moseray Fadika Trust Foundation, 154 Wilkinson Road, Freetown


March 25, marks Ambassador Moseray Fadika’s birthday!

On our beloved Founder’s Day of birth, the Moseray Fadika Trust Foundation remembers a great business leader, African champion, and a committed philanthropist – Ambassador

Moseray Fadika, affectionately called ‘Super’.

“Through his sacrifice, moral example and leadership abilities, our beloved Ambassador Moseray Fadika came to embody the collective aspirations of people from all works of life. We remain determined to advance his vision for a fairer, healthier, and peaceful world. This was his commitment, and this is our mission.’’

– Mrs Khadija Fadika, Chairperson of the Moseray Fadika Trust Foundation.

Ambassador Moseray Fadika remains an African icon for his outstanding service to mankind and contributions in helping people work their way out of poverty. He will always be remembered for his inspirational message: ‘’We Are Born Poor. We Must Not Die Poor.’’

We give thanks to God for his life, his leadership, his contribution, and his dedication to humanity. We salute our beloved father, loving husband, caring family man, brother, uncle, friend, colleague and mentor. We thank him for the sacrifices he made for our people and his humanitarian causes.

The Moseray Fadika Trust Foundation that he created provides a safe space and motivates us to continue protecting and promoting his extraordinary and exemplary legacy.

Ambassador Moseray Fadika’s birthday on March 25 is marked annually in his home country – Sierra Leone and in the Diaspora. The Trust Foundation has dedicated his day of birth as

“Super Day”.  His wife, children, extended family, colleagues, and friends support the Trust Foundation to remember and celebrate Ambassador Moseray Fadika on this special day, as we work together, in keeping his legacy alive.

We invite you to join us in remembering and celebrating our beloved founder and to share the birthday photo below.

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